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In order to celebrate every day the passion that drives us: the love of a job well done, the pleasure of sharing and bringing joy to the whole family, Parthenon Holding makes the most of the expertise of its different divisions. Whether it is Leisure, Services or Live, each one contributes to create unique experiences every day.


Through its subsidiary Public Événement Production, Parthenon Live is the leading national producer of prime time shows and reality TV. Over the years, it has shown tenacity and rigor to establish its leadership in the entertainment market. Today, it continues to distinguish itself as a true audience creator by focusing on inventiveness, innovation and boldness while enhancing national characteristics through the development of original programs and creative platforms.

Focusing on the world of fashion, “Fashion Maghribi” puts the most creative designers in competition around bold and challenging themes.  Each week, the candidates compete with inventiveness to get closer to the final, at the end of which, one of them has the chance to organize its own show and take possession of a brand new workshop. 

Jmaatna Zina” is a family entertainment program that aims to highlight the national musical heritage. In a friendly atmosphere, many artists revisit traditional repertoires while taking up challenges and participating in fun activities.

Placed under the sign of love and challenge, “Lalla Laâroussa” is a successful TV game show proposing to 7 couples, accompanied by their mothers-in-law to take up a number of original and entertaining challenges during 7 weeks of competition. All have in view to qualify for the grand finale, at the end of which one of them wins a sumptuous wedding, with a honeymoon and an apartment. 

Literally meaning “golden foot”, “AL Qadam Addahabbi” is a reality TV program, which had the ambition to reveal prodigies of the round ball. To do so, three well-known personalities of the soccer world travelled the roads to meet young talents. 


Always seeking to enrich its content and innovate in the national television market, Public Événement Production is also committed to adapting successful international programs.


“Ahssan Pâtissier” is the Moroccan adaptation of the BBC’s successful “Bake Off” show, broadcast in over 30 countries. In Morocco, this reality show brings together 10 pastry enthusiasts from all over the Kingdom to compete in creative and technical challenges for several weeks, with the aim of winning the title of “Ahssan Pâtissier” and publishing their own recipe book.

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Throughout the year, Parthenon Holding, through its subsidiary Public Events, offers its expertise as a designer and space planner to national and international clients for professional, cultural and sporting events.



In phase with the strategy of each client, we aim to set up attractive stands that make a lasting impression. In charge of the scenography and the personalized decoration, our team trained in all the planned activities is also in charge of the logistics, the B2B management, the catering or the animation.

From Milan to Moscow via Abidjan, we have been accompanying the Moroccan National Tourist Office (ONMT) for several years on the basis of an annual national and international event schedule. From the assembly to the dismantling, including the whole audiovisual part, the reception and eventually the animation, we value our know-how on the stand throughout the event.

En œuvrant activement à la tenue d’événements nationaux et internationaux, nous prenons soin de mettre en lumière la vitrine du premier groupe national et leader mondial des phosphates. Celle-ci est le reflet d’une communication maîtrisée et d’une stratégie minutieusement mises en place avec nos équipes.  

For a year, our team has accompanied this public institution in charge of promoting exports of industrial products, agri-food and export services on its entire event program throughout the Kingdom.

Our team also accompanies international clients on trade shows around the world. Egypt, India and Malaysia have trusted us in Frankfurt, Milan and Berlin. 


For ephemeral or permanent spaces, immersive experiences, combining architectural design, packaging or ticketing, are designed by our team, which strives to be creative and innovative by considering each new project as a new challenge.

During this sporting event intended to distinguish the Kingdom as a destination of choice for quality boxing fights, our team has ensured the creation of a careful scenography and an exemplary technical support – sound, light, graphic design. 

With a view to promoting the Kingdom’s organizational know-how and sense of hospitality on the international scene, we have worked rigorously on the launch of the communication campaign, the production of the scenography for the opening of the day, the dressing up of the sites and the sports facilities as well as the artistic program for the closing ceremony.

As Morocco was chosen as the host country of the 2014 FIFA Club World Cup for the second time in its history, our team capitalized on all its audiovisual and event know-how to ensure the total success of this prestigious event.

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Eager to create playful and educational universes that are always more attractive and innovative, our team tends today to implement a thematization of the most evocative spaces. Decoration, sculpture, painting, we put the artistic and technical expertise of our collaborators at the service of places intended to entertain and inspire the whole family.

Rabat Zoological Garden offers its visitors the opportunity to explore the paleontological heritage of Morocco and the history of animal occupation on Moroccan territory. Our team has been concerned to compose a museography in the air of time, conducive to the awareness of the general public on the importance of the Moroccan animal heritage, on the need to safeguard it for future generations. 

In order to meet the needs of the city of Casablanca in terms of animation equipment last generation, the old zoo of Ain Sebaa has benefited from a complete rehabilitation to position itself as a zoo-immersion. With this in mind, our team has taken care to meticulously script each enclosure according to the specificities of the animal and its environment. 

Our team has recently put its museographic skills at the service of sports promotion. Its exhibition path aims at setting up modern museum mediation devices, taking advantage of the latest technologies and interactions with visitors. 

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Through its Leisure Division, the Parthenon Holding group designs, operates and manages amusement parks and playgrounds for the whole family, as well as conceptualizing unique leisure centers, offering evolving experiences adapted to audiences of all ages, but also to the motivations and desires of each individual.


For several years, Pôle Loisirs has been contributing to the fun and relaxation of the whole family through an original conception and an efficient management of amusement parks and playgrounds installed in Casablanca and Marrakech.


The Leisure Center’s ambition today is to develop and operate a new kind of leisure center. Themed down to the last detail, they have the specificity of taking visitors into evolving universes offering them the impression of renewing their experience with each new visit. Video games, team games, adventure parks and extreme sports are all activities that will delight young and old.